Lizzo shocked her mom with a brand new Audi for Christmas


If there’s one thing we know the holidays can guarantee, celebrities are going to be giving away some of the most lavish gifts to their family and friends. With Christmas next week, many people exchange gifts early. Today Lizzo announced on Instagram that she surprised her mother with a brand new vehicle. Not just any vehicle, Lizzo blessed her mother with an Audi truck. She shared a video that captured her mother’s priceless reaction. In the video, her mother goes outside and Lizzo says, “Okay, Merry Christmas, Mom, open your eyes.” Immediately mothers start crying. Lizzo’s mother said, “You see these things on TV and you never think it will happen to you.”

Lizzo also shared a cute message in the caption. She wrote: “I got my mother a brand new Audi for Christmas. I remember crying in my car when my daddy passed by. No job, no money, nowhere to live. I wish I could take care of my family one day … I couldn’t do it for my dad, so I have to make sure I spoil my mom. Happy Holidays everyone “

Although it is unclear what make and model the new foreign car is, we do know that Audi is not cheap. The vehicle is priced between $ 50,000 and $ 60,000.

Hats off to Lizzo! This is how you make Christmas!

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