Lil Uzi says his diamond implant was initially meant to be made into a hoop: “$ 24 million on a hoop is the stupidest thought”

Lil Uzi and his diamond implant have sparked so much conversation on the internet lately and he finally took the time to explain the inspiration behind it. While talking to Fat Joe on Thursday night, Uzi shared how it all went.

Uzi talked about the $ 24 million diamond purchase, his experience at the jewelry store, and some of his other iced pieces. Most importantly, he explained how he came to the decision to have the diamond implanted in his forehead.

“Imma be real. So I choose the diamond and we wanted to put it in a ring, ”Uzi explained. “But imma, be honest, I’m Lil Uzi, I’m crazy so $ 24 million for a ring is the stupidest idea because imma look down and that ring won’t be there. I know myself, I wake up in strange places and in different landscapes. “

At first he thought about getting the diamond as the skin in the corner of his eye, but decided against it because it would be much heavier than the jewelry he had there before. After a little more thought, he told the jeweler he wanted the diamond in the center of his forehead and Uzi said he had definitely encountered recoil.

“You know what? I want to get it right here, ”Uzi said, pointing to his forehead. “They said ‘do you want to put it right there?’ Bro doesn’t think it was just a “Let’s take his money” no, they argued with me. It’s almost crazy for the average person or for any person. But you know, I’m Lil Uzi Vert. “

Do you think Uzi should have chosen the ring instead, Roomies? Let us know in the comments!

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