Lil Nas X addresses claims that he’s in search of clout from Nicki Minaj: “I cannot point out her any longer”

Lil Nas X.

Roommate, if you’re a fan of Lil Nas X then you probably know his story as Barb or one of Nick Minaj’s loyal fans, but it seems that Barbz colleagues are now accusing him of using their queen as a clout. In response to the backlash after mentioning Nicki Minaj in his new song, Lil Nas X took to social media to announce that he will no longer talk about her.

On the release of his latest song ‘Sun Goes Down’ and its video, Lil Nas X talks about his teenage life, which included a strong devotion to Nicki Minaj. However, many of Nicki’s fans believe the timing of Lil Nas’ video is suspicious because he decided to drop it just as Nicki brought it back.

In response to the furious Barbz’s extreme backlash, Lil Nas X posted the following message on Twitter:

“To the Barbz who feel [I’m] Using Nicki’s name, the song I released last night was recorded last year. And it’s about my life, which was dedicated to Nicki for 6 of these years. It is not a false love. But I understand what it looks like, so I won’t mention them again. “

In the lyrics to “Sun Goes Down” he rhymes briefly with his youthful days as a Nicki star. “I would be on the phone / Stanning Nicki in the morning at dawn / Only place I felt I belonged / Strangers make you feel so loved, you know?” he says in the song.

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