Lil’ Kim Slams 50 Cent For Sharing Meme Evaluating Her BET Awards Look To An Owl

50 Cent is known for his trolling ways, but Lil’ Kim let him know he got the right one messing with her after 50 shared a viral meme comparing Lil’ Kim’s Prada bangs from the BET Awards to a white owl.

50 often pokes fun at celebrities and friends on his Instagram page, and Wednesday was Kim’s turn. He shared a meme that featured side-by-side pics of Kim and a white owl with the caption, “Who did this s**t? This ain’t right.”

After 50 shared the meme, the father of Lil’ Kim’s daughter, Mr. Papers, quickly took to the comment section to let 50 know he doesn’t play about his lady.

“Leave my wife out the Jokes Ya heard,” Mr. Papers wrote. 

It seemed like that was that until Lil’ Kim took to her Instagram Thursday to drag 50 Cent herself, leaving the rapper a lil’ lengthy message while spilling some tea too.

Lil’ Kim didn’t seem bothered by the comparison and was able to laugh at the joke.

“The accuracy,” she wrote. “Hilarious. I ain’t bothered not one bit. My family & friends more mad than me.”

She continued, “S**t like this don’t move me one way or another cause I’m still a bad b***h that n****z b***hes mommies, daughters, and aunties still want to be till this day and I love it!”

Kim then took a direct shot at 50, spilling a lil’ tea about their history.

“@50cent I see u still in ur feels about that dinner date u asked me on that I had to turn down,” she said. “Let it go u have a beautiful girlfriend, I have a loving husband. Let it go.”

She also defended her man’s actions in all of this. 

“And for those of u coming at my husband, Mr. Papers, he did real n***a s**t. What a husband is [supposed] to do.”

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