Lil Durk provides 100ok to girlfriend India Royale for being 100

Must be good! Time and again, Lil Durk and India Royale prove to their fans why they are relationship goals. While no couple is perfect, they are top notch when it comes to the love and respect Durk has for India! Just a few days after Mother’s Day, “The Voice of the Roads” showed his wife the advantages of being faithful and keeping 100. Today he shared a photo of 10 stacks of money held together with rubber bands on his Instagram story. He added a caption to the photo. “India means a * s lol. 100k for 100 “, with a blue heart emoji.

The roommates immediately went off on the comments pouring over the grand gesture. One commented, “Between him and Lil Baby, Chileeeeee.” Lil Baby is having a hard time for the mother of his son Jayda Cheaves. For Mother’s Day she told how he had given everything and gave her a couple of Birkin bags. She even circled a pair of keys that alluded to him and possibly gave her a car as well.

Another commented, “That’s why India doesn’t mind being baby mom number six. I love them together, but you guys try BM number six with Brokey. It won’t go that way and you can’t be mad.

If you remember a few days ago, India posted a tweet announcing that there was more than just Durks “6. BM “is. India tweeted, “You can’t piss me off being the 6th BM,” she tweeted. “I knew I would be when I chose parenting over planned parenting. I am the BM, the obsession, the lover, the friend, the authorized user of bank cards and the beneficiaries. Talk to me, nice guys. “

No matter what, we love how tough this couple is on each other and if Durk India gives money when she’s mean I can’t wait to see what gifts she gets when she’s kind!

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