Lil Child & Rap Snacks introduce new drink ‘Oowee Lemonade’

On Monday, Rap Snacks announced it was expanding to include a line of drinks that Lil Baby will introduce.

Rap Snacks tweeted: “After a powerful Grammys performance, we are pleased to introduce the first Rap Snacks beverage line with Rapstar @ lilbaby4PF. The new line will feature five lemonade flavors – with a percentage of the profit going to organizations selected by Lil Baby. #RapSnacks

With five different flavors – fruit punch, strawberry watermelon, mango pineapple, blueberry and sweet tea – your thirst will be quenched this season, reports Complex.

Lil Baby said, “I know my fans are going to love this line of Oowee Lemonades” when they talked about the beverage line. He continued, “I am delighted that the proceeds from every purchase are ‘giving back’ to help our communities.

Lil Baby added, “It’s exciting to be part of something that brings people from my hometown and nationally through the BossUp Foundation. It’s life changing – I’ve never been a part of anything like this. “

As you know, some celebrities already have their own brand of chips with rap snacks. Romeo, Lil Yachty, Boosie, Migos, Cardi B and most recently Trina have also teamed up with the brand. Rick Ross, Boosie and Master P have also named noodles with the brand after them

Lil Baby played his hit single “The Bigger Picture” at the Grammys with Tamika Mallory on Sunday night and made a powerful statement on racial relations. The rapper was nominated for Best Song Performance and Best Rap Performance, but went home empty-handed.

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