LightSkinKeisha publishes and deletes an alarming tweet

2020 was a tough year for all of us, including celebrities. With mental health problems on the rise, many talk about their struggles. Today, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star and rapper LightSkinKeisha found out about her struggles with depression.

LightSkinKeisha tweeted: “Depression is real. “She continued in a now-deleted tweet,” If I went away, people would be happier. “This really alarmed her fans and they instantly flooded their comments with support. One tweeted,”Everything’s gonna be fine, keep your head up “Another tweeted:”I am a mother of four who is struggling through. Hold your head up, pray, and seek help if necessary, BUT YOU HAVE THAT. ”

Comments continued and LightSkinKeisha shared another tweet to put everyone at ease. She tweeted, “Thank you everyone for your concerns. I would NEVER hurt myself. Sometimes I just want to go away and need space and time to clear my mind because sometimes things are very busy. I am a strong person, but I have weak moments like any person. I will be good. “

The love and determination didn’t stop there. Her fans continued to spread love and positivity. Another tweeted, “Depression is very real; Unfortunately, some people don’t take this seriously. I hope you are better “

According to the CDC, The COVID-19 pandemic has been linked to mental health issues related to the morbidity and mortality caused by the disease and mitigation activities. This includes the effects of physical distancing and homework. Depression looks different in everyone. However, in the US, symptoms of anxiety disorders and depressive disorders increased dramatically between April and June 2020.

Let us continue LightSkinKeisha and everyone else struggling with depression in our thoughts and prayers.

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