LeBron James addresses tweet concerning the police capturing of Ma’Khia Bryant

Lebron James explains why he deleted a tweet pointing to the 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryantwho was shot dead by a police officer on Tuesday April 20th.

As reported by NBC News, a Columbus Police Department officer’s body-worn camera recorded him responding to an emergency call in Columbus, Ohio on April 20. The video released on Tuesday evening shows the officer yelling at Bryant to “down” several shots before shooting.

According to police, Bryant allegedly threatened two girls with a knife.

On April 21st, James posted a photo of the officer entitled “YOU’RE NEXT” [hourglass emoji] #ACCOUNTABILITY “, so media reports from ESPN and other outlets.

After the Ohio-born athlete deleted his tweet, he posted two follow-up tweets addressing the situation.

In the first answer, James wrote: “ANGER is doing something good for each of us and that includes myself! But collecting and educating all the facts does it! My anger is still there for what happened to this little girl. My compassion for her family and maybe justice prevails! “

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