Latto Talks About ‘Uplifting’ Different Feminine Rappers: ‘I am A Lady For Women’

During a recent meeting with Billboard, Latto reflected on her rise to the top and how she strives to help other aspiring female rappers.

Latto Reflects on the Women Who Supported Her: ‘Real Recognize Real’

Raised in Atlanta, the artist began reflecting on her musical beginnings as a teenager. She eventually dropped her 2020 breakout hit “B*tch From Da Souf.”

As she began to garner widespread attention, Latto notes that she received heaps of love and support from notable acts such as Trina, City Girls, Lizzo, SZA, Queen Latifah and Remy Ma.

Referring to the support she has received from her contemporaries, Latto coolly remarked, “Real recognizes Real.” IKTR!

“I get a lot of love,” she says with an exuberant smile. “Real recognizes real.”

β€” BIG LACT πŸ€πŸŽ°πŸ’ (@Latto) February 4, 2023

The rapper says she’s a “girl’s girl” who wants others to be successful

While we’re on the subject, Latto also notes that β€” because she’s received so much love from other rappers β€” she “wants to capitalize [her] Power to uplift others.” After all, she is β€œa girl girl.”

“My #1 thing was being a girl. I use my power to uplift others on my way up.”

In fact, she notes that she doesn’t calculate “up and coming female rappers.”[s]’ for features as she selflessly wants to offer the same support she has received.

“If you see Latto doing a feature with an aspiring rapper, I don’t charge them anything. The label has to cover the glam, but I don’t benefit from that.”

However, Latto admits her journey hasn’t been entirely happy, as she’s no stranger to public feuds, which she describes as “disappointing”.

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Despite this, Latto is focused on persevering and overcoming any difficulties that might arise during her career.

β€œIt’s difficult to navigate through situations like this because there’s a disconnect. I’ll consider myself someone’s fan and they’ll see [me] in a completely different light. It’s disappointing. You just have to take it up to your chin and keep pushing.”

Instead of focusing on the negative, Latto is willing to explore and leverage new content. As the new track β€œLottery” proves. What’s more, she’s ready to continue enjoying her role in creating “the new wave of rap.” Although she feels “honoured to be a part of it”.

β€œThe content I’m about to release is a whole new leaf. I really love seeing the new wave of female rap and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

What do you think of Latto’s recent comment, and which rising female rap stars would you like to pair her with in the future?

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