Lamar Odom met with lawsuit introduced by ex Liza Morales alleging she and her kids are dealing with eviction after receiving unpaid youngster help

#Roommates, Lamar Odom seems in a better place these days after recently ending his engagement to former fiancé Sabrina Parr. However, it seems that the good times have stalled thanks to his ex (and his children’s mother) Liza Morales. According to recent reports, Liza Morales has just filed a lawsuit against Lamar Odom for allegedly failing to provide child support over the past year, which resulted in her being evicted.

@ PageSix reports that Liza Morales, the mother of his two children, has just taken the legal route when it comes to getting alleged child support back from Lamar Odom. Morales recently filed documents with the Manhattan Supreme Court claiming that Lamar completely stopped paying child support in June 2020 – and now the owners of her upscale Manhattan apartment are threatening to evict her and her children. Morales also stated that by “unilaterally stopping all support”, Lamar was unable to pay the monthly rent of $ 5,125 for her apartment.

As included in the lawsuit, Morales announced that Lamar would pay $ 6,000 in monthly child support in addition to the tuition fees and $ 9 million life insurance premium, all of which were in arrears last year. She went on to explain that due to the lack of child support, her son could not attend four-year college and must instead enroll in a local community college. Court records confirm that the eviction process began back in December and that Morales owes a rent back of $ 50,000 plus interest.

Morales wasn’t done yet and continued to set Lamar free. He said the only money he gave was a couple of payments to her son Lamar Jr. “In June 2020, Lamar discontinued support, apart from sporadic amounts sent directly to LJ to help her son in a very good way difficult situation, “she said of the lawsuit.

Liza Morales demands $ 78,000 from Lamar Odom. This is the amount she needs to cover all of her criminal bills and her son’s tuition fees. Lamar did not respond publicly to the lawsuit.

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