Lamar Odom claims his ex, Sabrina Parr, retains his social media

Married couple Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr shared words on Instagram after Lamar beat up Sabrina for banning him from his social media accounts. Today Lamar shared a video on Instagram asking fans to follow him on Snapchat and Twitch. In the long caption, Lamar stated, “What is it, good people? I’ve worked hard to build my brand and a new team. Unfortunately, my social media platforms are being held hostage by my ex and we are working hard to get my IG and Twitter passwords back. If any of you know anyone who can reset it for me, check out my brand manager’s DM ASAP @savvygirlconsulting. “

He continued: “In the meantime, come up to me holla. You need to log into my YouTube, my Twitch, and follow me on Snapchat Lucky7lefty. If you have an iPhone, I’ll be in the clubhouse. So take a look. I’m starting a room on mental health, toxicity and abuse relationships, and self-love. Thank you all for loving and supporting me. I love you all back. Now watch me at work. “

Shortly afterwards, Sabrina made her own Instagram post and denied all claims. She wrote: “I find these allegations from Lamar and whoever he works extremely disappointing. We’re not together anymore and haven’t been for a while. I made up my mind to speak quietly about the situation and I suggest that you do the same. We both know the truth, and I can assure you that the truth will be towed at its end. If you will excuse me now, I will carry on in peace and quiet … “

Lamar responded to Sabrina’s rejection by posting a screenshot on Instagram of her email address and phone number linked to his account. He wrote: “Where is the lie? This is my ex’s phone number and business email address. “

Just when we thought the drama was over, Sabrina responded with a series of screenshots that support her claims that she didn’t have access to his accounts. She pulled out the email receipts between her and Facebook, saying the number attached to his Instagram was not hers.

Roommate, what do you think of all of this?


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