Lamar Odom accuses ex-fiancée Sabrina Parr of hacking his Instagram

Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr I’ve already called it over again, but this time it seems to be forever.

On Wednesday, December 30th, the former Lakers star took to Instagram to accuse his ex-fiancée of allegedly hacking his Instagram account following their breakup. In a post on his business, he wrote, “Unfortunately, my ex’s social media platforms are being held hostage and we are working hard to recover my IG and Twitter passwords.”

In another post he added, “You wronged me in so many ways and I was ready to quietly walk away, but I see you want a show … I gave you a global platform. Use it for your best or it will destroy. ” I wish you the best.”

Lamar’s statement was apparently in response to Sabrina’s since-deleted Instagram story, in which she denied that she was in control of his account. “I find these allegations from Lamar and whoever he works extremely disappointing,” she wrote. “We are no longer together and have not been together for a while.”

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