Lady with ‘Uniboob’ implant regrets cosmetic surgery

Mary Magdalene, a viral sensation with a self-proclaimed “uniboob,” shares her regrets over the extreme plastic surgery. Just a few weeks ago, the online model revealed that her breast implant ruptured, resulting in her one-boob look.

Most recently, she repeated her wish for a normal life.

“So sick of this BS surgery that I’m now stuck for who knows how long…because you get something done hoping to ‘fix’ something, but then the doctor might screw it up…I’m damned by this lifestyle.” times burned out i wish i never did, not worth all the time, money, stress, my body, just can’t recover anymore. I just want to live a normal life now and I can’t.”

Mary has opened up about going “natural again” in recent weeks following her 38-year breast implant mishap. She told her 205,000 followers that she will undergo surgery to remove the damaged and second implant. Apparently this isn’t the first time Mary’s implant has ruptured – although she hasn’t revealed the recent cause.

In a separate post, Mary explained her “trapped” feeling and the reality of constant surgeries when mishaps happened, like a collapsed nose or a ruptured implant.

“I loved the bimbo look, but that’s what put me off. It’s just stuck in a repeating, never-ending cycle of operations, which I don’t care about anymore – it’s not a fun little adventure anymore. It just drains in every possible way. It’s draining my time, my bank account, my energy, my health and in the long run you’re digging yourself down a really expensive, time-consuming hole and in life you never know what it’s going to bring you.”

Daily Mail reports that social media influence has spent more than $100,000 on enhancement surgeries by the age of 30. In a video posted to her Insta account, Mary said her surgery would take place in Europe.

Additionally, Mary said she has the same removal plans for other parts of her body, likely including her puffy lips, hips and butt.

IG Model speaks out to warn others about extreme plastic surgery

Mary says she only speaks about her regrets about cosmetic surgery to warn others, not to gain sympathy.

“…I do not beg your mercy that I did all this voluntarily myself just to share for people who want to undergo extreme surgery because eventually you will deal with many complications…it’s not worth it,” wrote Magdalene.

In a separate text-filled photo, Mary added:

“Now when I see extreme surgeries, I’m only reminded of bad things and traumatic events. So I totally lost interest in the extreme bimbo look. Far from being a fun happy hobby for me, now the surgery has become a nightmare.”

However, those hoping to see the model’s “new small boobs” will have to wait, says Magdalene.

“I won’t be disclosing the results for a while until I’ve recovered. The other surgery I had was to fix one side of my butt and I have a problem with that. I hope it’s just swelling. I’ll get into more detail on that over time.

The influencer says she also needs to have a “butt reconstruction” to achieve a “natural looking size” and have her lip fillers dissolved to be “free of this surgical prison.”

Here’s a look at Mary Magdalene before her implant ruptured:

In addition to warning about the financial stability required for cosmetic surgery, Mary also cautioned against making hasty decisions.

“…Please remember that as you get older, you probably won’t be interested in the same things as you are now. We are human, we grow and develop. A tattoo you get when you’re 16 will probably be considered pretty stupid by the time you’re 25. Most things are undoable, yes, but it takes a lot of time, energy, and money.

As much as I loved the bimbo look, for me personally, all that unnecessary stress/energy in life isn’t worth trying to conform my look to any type of aesthetic. It would have been so much easier to do nothing at all.”

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