Kylie Jenner posts candid video of getting breast milk on her shirt

Kylie Jenner gives fans an unexpected name update for baby #2

Mother’s life isn’t always glamorous.

During a TikTok video recorded in her car, KylieJenner became distracted while speaking to the camera after noticing a wet spot on her chest.

“Oh looks like I’m breastfeeding,” she said in the Sept. 13 video, pointing to the stain on her gray top.

The 25-year-old casually continued like the pro she is, promoting a new lip product from her upcoming Kylie Cosmetics x Kris Jenner Collaboration Collection. She dubbed the clip the first episode of her new Kylie In The Kar series.

“The last time I did a TikTok in the car it seemed to upset some people,” she explained in the video, before applying the orange-red tint to her pout. “I think some people thought it was fake and I really don’t drive myself, which is just silly.”

Showing off her finished lip look, Kylie ended her video by saying, “I might be going to change my shirt now,” noting that the breast milk stain was still there.

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