Kirsten Corley Bennett addresses Likelihood’s sexually specific tweet

Chance The Rapper Wife, Kirsten Corley Bennett, sets the record right after her husband’s Twitter account liked and unliked a sexually explicit tweet on Thursday. Kirsten hopped on Instagram and said people are “reaching out.”

“You really reach everyone. And he (Chance) will never bring that up, but all I have to say is that the night before last we were at an event literally all night, until late. We celebrated. Well, sometimes shit happens by accident. So all you little trolls who come to my site and get blocked, you can go to hell,” she explained.

Fans react to the chance that the rapper likes an explicit tweet

As we previously reported, the tweet in question came from a trans pornographic account. In March, the account asked its followers to choose between three types of trans content: “dating,” “adult games,” and “webcam,” all accompanied by a hyperlink. Chance liked the tweet but didn’t like it. Many people reacted to the incident which saw his name trending.


— GonBoy Nvr🅱️roke🅰️gain (@Gon4KT_) October 20, 2022

“Chance your likes are public”

— ☁️ Moore Szn (@OJSIMPS0NBURNER) October 20, 2022

Chance when he wakes up and doesn’t like it because he knows everyone has already seen it

— Lej (@tnmejjanur) October 20, 2022

Despite Kirsten clearing the air, some felt she was making things worse. One roommate commented: “As a true n***ga I wouldn’t let my wife bring this up for me. I’d just have to stay silent and hold the L.” Another wrote, “How can you even find a trans porn site on your Twitter timeline if you don’t follow it or search it in your search bar? It wasn’t a damn accident. Hold on to your husband, however, Queen.”

Roommate, do you think Kirsten should have spoken out in her husband’s defense?

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