Kirk Franklin Tendencies after his son put his express dialog on-line

Phew Chile! You keep the Franklin family in your prayers, Roomies, because things get pretty hot there. As we previously reported, Kirk’s son Kerrion recently posted a replay of one of their most recent conversations online. Let’s just say Kirk didn’t speak in tongues that day.

In the heated discussion, the two can exchange explicit words and even threats. While it is unclear how the conversation started, it is obvious that Kirk and his son have a few things to clear up.

Kerrion said in an Instagram caption that he believes his father has ingrained hatred for him, and Kirk said his family went through counseling for their problems. Still, Kirk apologized. but not before the people on Twitter got their two cents into it.

Check out what some people had to say below and stay with us while we keep you updated on this story and more!

Until you had an emotionally abusive parent, you wouldn’t even understand Kirk Franklin’s son and why he felt he had to take him in. Nobody ever believed him. And people will still be asking, “Well what did you do?”

– Phil (@ireadforaliving) March 13, 2021

Kirk Franklin before calling Kirk Franklin during the phone call 🤣🤣

– Alex. (@brokeboyeazy) March 13, 2021

We didn’t cancel Kirk Franklin because he said he loves porn. There is no way it will be canceled for cursing his 33-year-old son. And that’s on “Melodies from Heaven”. My mom cursed me last Sunday for not choosing 2-hour delivery when she ordered her Instacart

– Jay Allen (@WatchJ) March 14, 2021

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