Kinzinger opens the door to adjust to Trump’s request for a reside testimony

Has Trump Finally Started Eating His Own Dick? Is he the dog that got the car? Are there another ten million clichés that suggest Trump’s ego has finally driven the process of “self-destruction”? Yes, it seems so, considering Trump casually dismissed the idea of ​​responding to the subpoena when he could testify live. The man who believes his life is a TV show and that ratings are more important than facts wants to make the “Super Bowl” by testifying live before the committee. Except that the committee wasn’t supposed to say yes. Somewhere deep in Trump’s brain, he was surely counting on the committee to be the adults who say “no.” Instead, the committee could hold him fully accountable by granting his request:

From ABC News, Adam Kinzinger drops a bombshell:

The Jan. 6 House of Representatives committee investigating last year’s Capitol riot would have to negotiate with former President Donald Trump if it offered to testify live in response to the panel’s subpoena, Rep. Adam Kinzinger said Sunday.

“I think that will be a negotiation‘ said Kinzinger, R-Ill., a member of the committee, to ABC’s This Week host George Stephanopoulos. “I won’t raise that until we know for sure if the President tried to come in and speak to us live.”

Sounds like an open door, yes?

Video by Kinzinger:

Having already noted that Trump could spell his own death by condemning himself to a dozen charges in his opening statement (He’ll deviate from script in 20 seconds), the committee has reasons to be cautious, and thinks so Kinzinger when he says “negotiations”.

There will be no judge in command of the room, no one to silence Trump, and no one to say, “The witness will answer the question…” with the threat of throwing him in jail out of contempt if he doesn’t. Trump could completely ignore the questions and start talking about unrelated topics. Admittedly, he will probably convict himself of two dozen other crimes, but he will certainly avoid questions. There is a known cure for such a hostile witness. You ask a very simple question, and if it takes Trump 2 minutes or whatever to do anything other than answer the question, the attorney or representative completely ignores the answer and calmly asks the question again, with the same words and the same Ton, and continues do this for 20 minutes, and then say, “I see you cannot answer the question.” If Trump is testifying live, the review should be conducted by a very experienced trial attorney, not the representatives themselves. Every question is too valuable and should go through someone who does this twice a month for high stakes.

Ultimately, however, the committee has far more to gain than Trump as long as Trump is on a watch.

Trump is not smart. He is not educated. He will not see the problems in certain issues. His arrogance knows no bounds. His belief that he can convince anyone of anything is one of his most dangerous traits. He’s angry, more than angry. He has no control and will try to get a handle on the process… all of this adds up to the worst nightmare a defense attorney could have and the biggest undoing for any “defendant” even if they don’t know it.

Given that the committee is made up of nine dispassionate members, all of whom are more focused, more fully evolved, intellectual, better educated, not there for their own glory and dedicated to a noble cause, one is assured that whatever risks (which are real) are outweighed by the dreamlike opportunity afforded by putting the world’s most prolific and terrible liar on the witness stand.

It’s all in the negotiations. Get a clock to limit each answer to two or one minute. thirty seconds. It’s the main hearing. Oh! And please try before the elections? The more the country is covered in a Trump-lit fat fire, the better for Dems.

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