Kim Kardashian Says She Is “Confused” After Brandon Bernard Is Executed

Kim Kardashian shares her passionate thoughts on the convicted murderer Brandon Bernard was executed on Thursday December 10th.

The 40-year-old reality star and criminal justice activist posted a spate of tweets on Thursday. Her thread began less than an hour after the prisoner was killed by lethal injection after the Supreme Court rejected a final motion to delay the tweet’s execution. Brandon, 40, was sentenced to death in 2000 for his involvement in the 1999 murders Todd and Stacie Bagley. The accomplice Christopher Vialva was killed in September while three other co-defendants were sentenced less.

“I’m so confused right now,” wrote Kim after Brandon became the ninth person to be executed in the United States this year. “You killed Brandon. He was such a Reformed person. So hopeful and positive to the end. More importantly, he is sorry, so sorry for the hurt and pain he has caused others.”

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star announced that Brandon’s attorney called her shortly before the execution to relay the news that Brandon loved her and wanted to thank her again for her efforts. Kim had contributed to a social media campaign in the past few weeks to convince the president Donald Trump Commute the sentence for Brandon, who had been on death row for 20 years.

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