Kiely Williams Reveals She Had An Entanglement With Mario & The Members Of B2K (Video)

Chile, it was going down in the 2000s and former 3LW member Kiely Williams is spilling her own vintage tea.

Kiely, who is one of the new stars of the reality series ‘BET Presents: The Encore,’ went down memory lane on a recent episode of ‘Noteworthy,’ which is also on BET.

Kiely touched on a few topics, including the formation of 3LW and her love life while she was in the group.

When asked about who people would be surprised to know she dated while she was in 3LW, Kiely dropped a few names that are definitely on the list of millennial heartthrobs.

Kiely prefaced her statement by saying she technically didn’t date anyone–but she did have a few “entanglements” in that era with some of our R&B faves.

“I had some entanglements!” Kiely exclaimed as she checked to see if her husband was walking in before she could safely spill the tea.

“When I was in 3LW, for like, a hot second, I had an entanglement with Mario,” Kiely said, singing Mario’s name as the hosts of the show screamed. But sis wasn’t finished! “…And all of the members of B2K.”

The hosts seemed a bit perplexed, clarifying to make sure Kiely really meant ALL of B2K.

You can watch the clip below:

Kiely explained that she was never on tour with the fellas, but there were some promotional events in which they’d see each other. 

“You get bored after the show,” she said. She jokingly added, “You run out of dancers very quickly.”

We didn’t know Kiely was such a playa from the Himalayas! Gon’ head sis!

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