Keyshia Cole followers aren’t right here for her latest retirement announcement – she shares the humorous information she acquired from a faithful fan

Keyshia Cole

Roommate, Keyshia Cole fans are still processing the surprise news that she has officially decided to retire from the music – and some are expressing their feelings in funny ways. Just hours after Keyshia Cole shared the exclusive details of her retirement with us, her fans were in a frenzy and she shared a message proving that social media doesn’t have the chills.

Keyshia Cole wants all of her fans to know that she is aware of the news they have sent and that they are definitely not here to retire from the music industry. She posted on her Instagram stories and shared a message that a passionate fan wrote to let her know that her kids can wait because they need the music!

The message from the fan read:

“I saw you retire … and I personally want you to know you got me F ** KED UP!” What are you withdrawing with? These children? Girl, you can see her on a FaceTime call. Withdraw if you want too and see how I act !! Sincerely, your biggest fan who’s pissed off! “

As we previously reported, Keyshia Cole only shared with us the reasons for her decision to leave music behind:

“Whenever album 8 is released, it will be my last. I will focus on my boys and be a mom in attendance. Instead of always being away. It was my plan from the start. I wanted to get out of the hood, create a better life for myself so I could take care of her when I had kids. I’ve done a lot and I’m proud of my achievements. It is now expiring. “

Keyshia did not announce when their eighth album would be released, but their last album “1111 Reset” was released in 2017.

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