Keri Hilson sparked on-line debate by saying she “hopes my soulmate is a black man”

Keri Hilson

As a roommate, Keri Hilson often uses social media to share her opinions and preferences on a range of topics – and her latest posts on her stance on her soulmate keep everyone talking. While talking about relationships, Keri asked Hilson if she was wrong in hoping God would send her soulmate that he was a black man.

On her Twitter account, Keri Hilson posted the following tweets about who she would like to be in a relationship with:

“I want who God wants for me, but am I wrong in hoping my soulmate is a black man? He doesn’t even have to be American, I dated 3 non-American black men. But I want to love a black guy. Or a man of color …

And if he’s neither, then he would need to have a deep understanding and genuine support for my pro-blackness. Does anyone feel me? “

As with most things on social media with celebrities, it wasn’t long before Keri was a top trending topic based on their opinion. While there were some who disagreed with her and said that she should be open to love from anyone, regardless of race, there were more who understood where she was from and gave her tons of virtual love and support offered.

If you kept up, you will remember that Keri Hilson was very open about her hope of one day being married and having kids, but she doesn’t want to settle for just anyone.

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