Katy Perry closes Luke Bryan over feedback about her leg hair

Katy Perry I don’t feel the need to wear skin-tight jeans to cover her legs, regardless of what co-stars might think.

The 36-year-old “Teenage Dream” star shared footage of her Instagram story on Sunday May 9th through an exchange between her and her Luke Bryan on the American Idol Set. In the video, 44-year-old country singer apparently pleaded with Katy to be more vigilant about shaving her leg hair.

“I know you’re a mother and everything, but we have to do something about that leg hair,” Luke said to the camera with a smile.

Katy then panned the camera all the way to her leg, which appeared to be showing some subtle hair. But she made it clear that she has no intention of prioritizing body hair removal.

“No, I have no time!” Katy replied enthusiastically, quoting her busy schedule with the little daughter Daisy Dove. “I’d rather cuddle with my daughter!”

Luke was apparently trying to back up his point by starting to say, “It’s literally …” But Katy playfully interrupted him by yelling, “Yeah!”

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