Katy Perry cannot wait to move this cult merchandise on to Daughter Daisy

Katy PerryThe love of fashion is not hot and cold.

The 36-year-old singer has served a number of iconic looks over the years and she saves her wardrobe for her daughter Daisy Dove Bloom. In fact, the American Idol judge told POPSUGAR she plans to give her firstborn full access to her outfits.

“I think about it all the time,” Katy told the outlet. “I do a lot of cleanup, but I always have a few things to think about.”

Admittedly, Daisy is only 9 months old. Therefore, Katy may have to wait a few years before the child can try on all the clothes in their closet.

“I need her to go anywhere,” continued the “Firework” star. “I want them to be worn again.”

And who knows? Perhaps Daisy’s sense of style is completely different from her mother’s.

“”[Daisy will] probably just goth, “added Katy,” and like, “No mom. Thank you. ‘”

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