Katie Simply Dumped Connor B. and Everybody Is Crying

You know it’s real heartbreak when even the other guys are in tears. 

On The Bachelorette, star Katie Thurston just came to a devastating conclusion: Connor B. can’t kiss. Or at least he can’t kiss her well enough to keep him around. He first captured her heart with his cat costume and then joined her on a delightful double date with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick, but apparently, it just wasn’t in his kiss. 

As Connor prepared for the evening portion of their date, Katie arrived at his door in a hoodie and jeans, which is the no. 1 Bachelor Nation sign for “this is over.” It was very sad to watch her dump him, especially as he was so supportive, but the real devastation came when Connor went to say goodbye to the other men, who are also dating Katie. They actually cried!

While his bromantic buddy Greg wiped away some tears, Andrew S. was actually sobbing, and no one could figure out how a nice boy like Connor could ever be sent home like that. If Connor couldn’t even make it, what hope was there for the rest of them? 

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