Kastellio Vaughan Switch to New Facility (Replace)

The family of Kastellio Vaughan, an inmate from Alabama, has hired attorney Lee Meritt to investigate the neglect after they shared photos of him on Facebook showing he was severely malnourished. Attorney Merritt issued a press release stating that Kastellio was transferred from the Elmore Correctional Facility in Elmore County, Alabama, to the Stranton Correctional Facility in Montgomery.

In the press release, Attorney Merritt explains his plans to bring justice to his client.

It states: “The Alabama state prisons have a duty to provide Mr. Vaughan with appropriate medical care while he remains in their custody. Prisoners are entitled to the same basic human decency as everyone else in our country. My office has begun ensuring Mr. Vaughan receives the healing his condition requires.”

It continued, “We are also investigating whether generations in the state of Alabama have failed in their duty of care to Mr. Vaughan by allowing Spyro’s medical condition to the point reflected in the images now circulating the internet.”

As we reported on Thursday, Kastellio’s sister Kassie took to Facebook asking for a social check and medical intervention for her brother after sharing disturbing pictures of him at Elmore Correctional Facility. She claims the facility repeatedly hung up when she asked for information and removed her from its contact and visit list.

The now-viral post comes days after the same facility had to furlough Correctional Officer Ell White after video showing him hitting a distressed inmate who had climbed to the edge of a roof. The Alabama Department of Corrections emailed AL.com an update on Kastellio’s condition.

“He is assigned to Elmore Correctional Facility (CF) but is currently housed in the Staton Medical Observation Unit,” it said. “The health department of the ADOC extensively examined his situation from a clinical point of view and he was offered all the necessary treatments for his condition. He has also been in touch with his family to update them on his situation.”

Flatmates, we will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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