Kanye West spent greater than $ 12 million of his personal cash in 2020

According to @people, #KanyeWest spent a nice coin on his failed presidential attempt in 2020.

In a Federal Election Commission report, the rapper contributed $ 12.5 million of his own money and raised just over $ 2 million from outside donors.

People also report that West “raised a total of $ 14.5 million to fund its late offer”.

The report also breaks down a total of 278 Kanye 2020 campaign expenses. It is reported that $ 7.5 million was used to advertise his name, $ 918,130 was spent on campaign clothing, and a two-page ad in the New York Times was purchased for $ 210,544, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Kanye spent hundreds of thousands on campaign video costs, in addition to total consulting and legal costs totaling millions.

West was on the ballot in 12 states. He would eventually admit with a tweet that read, “WELP. KANYE 2024. “

As previously reported, Kanye and Kim Kardashian are facing a divorce, according to TMZ.

Kim asks for joint legal and physical custody of the couple’s four children. Sources also tell TMZ that Kanye agrees to the joint custody agreement, and both of them pledge to become parents together.

There is a prenup in which neither of the two takes part. An agreement, including ownership and custody, has already been reached. The documents were filed by prominent divorce attorney Laura Wasser, but the date of the separation is not listed.

As we reported back in January, sources near Kanye West provided details of what led to the downfall of their marriage. Sources close to Kanye said at the time that he was checked out of his marriage to Kim Kardashian because of her family’s “madness”.

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