Kanye West Recreates Kim Kardashian Wedding ceremony at Donda Occasion

Kanye West‘s latest Donda listening event ended with quite the bang. 

On Thursday, Aug. 26, fans joined the rapper at Chicago’s Soldier Field for the long-awaited album’s third listening party. Viewers of the event, which was mostly centered around a replica of the star’s childhood home, were stunned by the final song, when Kanye appeared to be set on fire and then was greeted by a bride with a veil-concealed face who many social media users were quick to assume was either his ex Kim Kardashian or a look-alike. 

After the event, TMZ reported that the mysterious bride, who wore a Balenciaga Couture wedding gown, was indeed Kim herself and that she agreed to participate as a show of support, citing sources.

Among the family members reacting to the moment was Kylie Jenner, who shared images on her Instagram Story of Kanye and the bride. Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian took to Twitter at the end of the night to post, “insanely beautiful!!!” 

A screenshot of the stunning moment can be seen in the below tweet. 

Video posted to a fan account appeared to show Kanye and the bride holding hands as they made their way out of the venue after the album had finished playing. 

The night brought plenty of other shockers as well, with fans noting that contributions from both Jay-Z and Kid Cudi that had been heard during previous versions of the album were not included this time around.

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