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The 1/6 Committee made a special point in its summary to note that Kayleigh McEnany appeared to be speaking from talking points and was evasive.

According to the summary of the 1/6 committee report:

Kayleigh McEnany was President Trump’s press secretary on Jan. 6. you
The deposit was made at the beginning of the investigation. McEnany appeared to acknowledge that President Trump: (1) should have ordered his violent supporters to leave the Capitol earlier than he ultimately did on January 6;
(2) should have respected the judgments of the courts; and (3) publicly claiming that Dominion voting machines stole the election was wrong. but
part of McEnany’s testimony seemed evasive, as if testifying from prepared talking points. In several instances, McEnany’s testimony did not seem nearly as direct as that of her press office staff who testified about what McEnany said.

For example, McEnany denied suggestions that President Trump was refusing to condemn the violence and urged the Capitol crowd to act peacefully when they composed his tweet at 2:38 p.m. on Jan. 6.
But one of her deputies, Sarah Matthews, told the select committee that McEnany informed her otherwise: that McEnany and other advisers in the dining room with President Trump persuaded him to air the tweet, but that
“…she said that he didn’t want to put that in and that they went through different wordings of it, from the mention of peace, to getting him to agree to include it and that it was Ivanka Trump who came up with that’ Keep peaceful’ and that he agreed to include that phrase in the tweet, but was initially opposed to mentioning peace of any kind.” When the select committee asked, “Did Ms. McEnany in any way describe how recalcitrant the President was to record something about peace?”

Matthews replied, “Just that he didn’t want to record it, but they got him to agree to the phrase ‘keep peace.'”

The committee invites the public to compare McEnany’s testimony with his
Testimonies from Pat Cipollone, Sarah Matthews, Judd Deere and others.

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House Republicans will fight to damage the credibility of the 1/6 Committee report because the Committee has so many witnesses and was able to corroborate its findings.

People like McEnany thought they could go before the committee and dodge, which is a form of lying, but the committee knew enough and was well prepared to challenge them in the summary.

The criminal references are bad news for anyone connected to the Trump White House, and if the synopsis is any indication, those who tried to deceive the committee will also have a black smudge next to their name in the have historical records.

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