Kai Cenat Reacts To Negativity About His Hyperlink-Up W/ North West

Kai Cenat isn’t here for folks talking negatively about him spending time with his fans, especially North West.

Recap Of North West’s Birthday Festivities Featuring Kai Cenat

This past weekend, the streamer linked up with Kim Kardashian and Ye’s eldest child to celebrate her birthday. She turned 11 on June 15. Photos and videos shared by Kimmy show Kai and Northie painting pottery and riding around on motorized animals inside a mall.

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Kai Reacts To The Negative Comments

As footage of the birthday link-up began circulating, it appeared that not all the feedback was positive. In fact, Cenat took to social media to address critics speaking on his and North West’s age gap and the appropriateness of the link-up.

“To anybody who made yesterday weird, here’s the thing. First things first, bro, I am North’s favorite streamer. So yesterday, all she wanted to do is meet me, bro. That’s it. Literally, all she wanted to do was meet me,” Kai Cenat said in a video statement.

He added that people making the meet-and-greet “weird” are the “weird” ones.

“I literally have a bunch of parents whose daughters and sons would love to meet me, bro. And if I could, I would just meet everybody. We had a great time yesterday.”

Cenat emphasized that the link-up went “great” and that Northie is also “great” with a “good group of friends around her.”

See what he said to the critics below. 

Roomies Weigh In

The Shade Room’s followers aren’t the only ones who put in their two cents on the viral birthday celebrations. However, after TSR reposted Kai Cenat’s clapback, the comment section was loaded with over 10,000 written reactions and more than 326,000 likes.

Serial entrepreneur Supa Cent wrote, “The way y’all was drooling over Bow Wow, Sammie, and Pretty Ricky [laughing emojis].” 

User @neainstars agreed with Kai’s take, writing, “It’s no different from any other celeb kid having their favorite celeb at their party… y’all gotta get y’all minds out the gutter.”

@xotanye went in, adding, “Y’all childhood traumas be eating y’all up! Stop projecting.” 

Meanwhile, @yourfavoritetomboy praised the streamer. “I’m really starting to love this guy more and more. He’s like the little big brother just having fun and living life. That’s it,” she wrote.

@ambere__ and @djm.nails pointed out that the link-up was not unsupervised. “Her mama was there; what’s the problem,” Ambere said.

“Why is everything sexual? Her mom stayed around; she was not alone with him,” DJM Nails said.

While we know Kim Kardashian approved of the birthday festivities, it’s unclear how Daddy Ye felt about it. He’s been radio silent on social media lately, but the rapper—formerly Kanye West—has been very loud in the past about limiting North’s exposure on social media.

There’s also the possibility that Ye might be here for North West, taking advantage of her celebrity kid privileges! You’ll recall that Ms. Westie featured on her daddy’s song ‘Talking’ in April.

The 11-year-old certainly seems to be following in her father’s musical footsteps, as she revealed in March that her debut album, ‘Elementary School Dropout,’ is in the works.

Last month, she went viral after landing a leading role in a musical version of ‘The Lion King.’

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What Do You Think Roomies?

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