Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden present Conservatives what actual nationwide safety appears like

A day after Biden shot down an unidentified object over Alaska, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau shot down an object that violated Canadian airspace.

Prime Minister Trudeau tweeted:

I spoke to President Biden this afternoon. Canadian forces will now recover and analyze the debris from the object. Many thanks to NORAD for watching over North America.

— Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) February 11, 2023

Conservatives talk big about national security, and as we saw with the trucker convoy, Trumpism has its fans in our north, but national security is about actually doing the work that elected officials have to do and to protect their nations.

Donald Trump and his national security team slept at the wheel. They had so badly damaged the nation’s national security apparatus that the presence of Chinese spy balloons over US airspace went unreported to the White House.

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It’s not that the administration was incompetent when Donald Trump was President and then magically became competent when Joe Biden took office.

Presidents and Prime Ministers shape their branches of government. Just as competent people have competent administrations, the incompetence of bad leaders trickles down and pollutes the entire government.

After the Chinese spy balloon, leaders like Biden and Trudeau may be more aware of the threat, but awareness is no guarantee of action, and what the US and Canada are doing is eliminating potential threats to keep their people safe.

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