Julie Bowen helps a girl who handed out in a Utah nationwide park

A New Jersey woman says she was treated by the Modern Family actress Julie Bowen and her sister Annie, a doctor after she passed out while hiking in Utah.

Minnie John, 58, posted photos of herself with the women after the incident, which occurred in Arches National Park near Moab. On August 3, she posted on Facebook that she was going hiking with her family and that she felt passed out. Minnie said she sat on a rock and told her husband and son to go ahead and do what they did to take pictures.

“I just remember sitting there securely on the rock with my head in my hands,” Minnie wrote. “The next thing I hear is someone in a familiar voice asking me questions over and over again. I wondered if I might be watching TV. My eyes were closed and they said I would be fine and they cleaned my face and tied me up. I heard the familiar one voice said I’ll be fine, a doctor cleans me up, after so many more questions and sticky things in my mouth giving me electrolytes, they picked me up when I opened my eyes and put me back on this rock. “

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