JT claps again to those that criticize their love curiosity


If there’s one thing we know it’s JT’s move when it comes to Lil Uzi. Twitter commenters suggested that Uzi was dodgy when he tweeted, “Don’t pretend I don’t understand you [your] first Birkin. ”

Someone tweeted JT saying, “Uzi is wrong for tailing you like that.” JT replied, “Why everything he says, whatever you think of me, is considered bad. Lol. How is this shadow? “

JT replied to another commenter and said, “Yes you are. Looking too much shouldn’t be honest! Nothing shady about having Birkin P *** y! “

JT didn’t stop there. She went to a small party on the streets of Twitter and had a lot to say to those who criticized their relationship. She tweeted, “You’re always in the comments calling him adorable. You just don’t like me or you have the feeling that he is with a crazy or white girl, but close, he with me this rock star check f *** what you have to say! Honest”

JT then went on to say, “Yeah, why do you think I deserve a *** a who is in shootings and why do you think he’s damned?” LOL y’all out y’all mf mind!

Puppy! I guess she set the record straight.

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