JT claps again on Lil Uzi Vert’s ex Brittany Boyd on Twitter

You never know what kind of reaction you will get on Twitter when it comes to Lil Uzi Vert and JT. However, yesterday things changed for the better between them. The way to the hearts of many people is through food, and JT seems to fall into that category. She tweeted, “I love crab legs,” and Uzi replied, “You’re on the way.” JT responded with a couple of laughing emojis and replied, “You raised her. Thank you.”

The roommates were all here to get Uzi food for JT. Supa Cent stepped into the shadow room and commented: “I love cowboy ribeyes, medium-sized, topped with crab meat and one side of Brussels sprouts and asparagus … * waiting. * “A few hours later, Uzi made another tweet about JT. He tweeted, “JT is the one.” The fans of the two like to see that, but unfortunately not everyone was here for them because of their exclamation. His ex-Brittany Boyd reportedly shared a message between her and Uzi that she shared on her Instagram story, which quickly hit Twitter.

The text messages were pretty one-sided, but they were very long and it seemed like she didn’t get over the situation she was having with him. JT wasn’t here for the news and was quick to clap again on Twitter. She tweeted, “Well, I tried to tell you a year ago that he lied! You called me mad Now you want to post a nick-a-nick. You really come out of character! Do not be silent, Frau Friede. I know how it moves. I tried to say. “She continued to tweet the text message and replied,” He’s asking me worse, but like in real life. He says the same thing about her. I’m not delusional anymore, I bet! “

Now the message remains in Brittany’s IG history, but so far it has not responded to JT. Meanwhile, Uzi continues to express his love for this “Dark Queen” on Twitter. Phew roommates, we’ll keep you updated as the saga between JT and Lil Uzi Vert continues!

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