Jordan Klepper brings down the NRA completely

Jordan Klepper, guest host of the Daily Show, revealed how the NRA’s culture of fear leads to gun violence and shootings.


Klepper said:

The real purpose of an NRA conference is not to tell funny family stories about leaving childhood. No, it’s supposed to explain why all the gun violence of the past year has nothing to do with guns. In the past, they blamed video games, rap music, and briefly in the ’90s Rachel. It could be anything. Well, nothing. It can’t be weapons, but anything else. And this year was no different.

If you blame gun violence on weed, you don’t even bother trying. These people only check things on the news that they don’t understand. It’s grass! It’s ChatGPT! It’s Love Is Blind that’s crashing Netflix. is that a thing is that a thing is it a thing

And this isn’t just distracting the NRA. They fuel these fears, fears of rampant crime, trans people, awakening, mutant fools. It’s all coming to get you. And do you know what happens when you combine a culture of fear and guns?

You get the story that just came out of Kansas City where a kid trying to pick up his siblings knocked on the wrong door and was shot and injured by the homeowner. This kid wasn’t shot by weed or social media. He was shot with a gun by a scared person. And that’s the climate fueling the NRA. You’re the irresponsible loudmouth who hides in the woods, making bear noises, clawing at trees so you’re scared enough to go and get one [bleep] Gun.

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The whole point of any NRA gathering is to find something else to blame for gun violence while scaring people into going out and buying more guns.

The NRA is the most effective scaremongering in American history. The NRA is not an organization interested in liberty or the Second Amendment. The NRA is an extension of the arms industry.

They exist only to sell more guns, and the only way to disempower them is to treat them like gun sellers, rather than a political constituency that needs to be addressed.

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