Johnny Chaillot recordsdata for divorce from Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis

As the saying goes: All good things have to come to an end.

Olympic champion after eight years of marriage Greg Louganis announced that he and Johnny Chaillot go their separate ways. The 61-year-old dive master went to Instagram on Friday evening June 18 to share the news of their divorce.

“At this point, Johnny and I would like to announce that we are going to end our marriage respectfully and amicably,” Greg began to testify. “Marriage between all couples is mostly a challenge, and especially at #pridemonth it is important that we say how grateful we were to be among the first gay couples to have the privilege of legally getting married and facing these challenges that so many are doing. It’s something, not so long ago, that many of us were sure would never happen. “

He continued: “And so we make this announcement with this in mind and ask for the respect and privacy of everyone who treads this new path that we must embrace. Many thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged us over the years. “

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