John Krasinski adored his daughters on SNL

John Krasinski sent a sweet message to his daughters hazel, 6 and violet, 4, during the first Saturday Night Live episode of the year.

The actor appeared with the cast member on January 30th on the SNL episode Kelly machine gun. John who got married Emily Blunt In 2010 he wore a black sweater with an H and V in the upper left corner on which some fans speculated about the meaning of the letters. His stylist Ilaria Urbinatiwho also works with stars like Rami Malek, Donald Glover and Tom Hiddlestonexplained the adorable reason behind the sweater on Instagram.

She wrote: “John wanted his daughters’ initials to be monogrammed on his shirt for SNL Goodnight looks – styled by you in @boglioliofficial with @ missoni pants.”

The fans loved the proud father’s nod to his children.

One wrote in the comment section of the post: “This is the cutest ever!”

Another added, “Omg, the shirt detail is so cute.”

A third post: “An incredibly cool look for John.”

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