Joe Manchin travels to Texas for a Republican fundraiser whereas Democrats battle for voting rights

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is in Texas for a fundraiser with wealthy Republican donors from the fossil fuel industry.

The Texas Tribune reported:

The host committee includes titans in the Texan oil and gas industry – many of whom donate almost entirely to Republicans. However, there is a prominent Democrat among the hosts: former Houston Mayor Bill White. White was the 2010 Democratic candidate for governorship.


The fundraiser is all about Manchin overseeing fossil fuels

Some will try to link this fundraiser to the struggle for the right to vote, but the reality is that the Republicans are donating to Manchin because he controls the Senate’s oversight of the oil and gas industry.

Whatever the purpose, the fundraiser isn’t looking good for Joe Manchin. Democrats in the state legislature left the state to prevent the passage of a voter suppression law while Joe Manchin goes there to collect buckets of Republican cash.

The fundraiser has nothing to do with voting rights, but it does show why Manchin could be a drag on another important Senate issue. Given his trip to Texas, it won’t come as a surprise if Manchin speaks out against climate change regulations.

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