Joe Budden addresses points with former podcast co-hosts

Joe Budden

Clean it up! Earlier this week, Joe Budden announced that his co-hosts Rory and Mal would no longer be part of his podcast, The Joe Budden Podcast. The show’s listeners speculated that this would happen after leaked audio recently appeared online. Fans of the show went straight to Twitter to talk over the audio and Joe started setting trends. Days later, when things seemed to be wearing off, Joe went to his Twitter on Wednesday and tweeted, “It’s been a hell of a run,” which apparently confirmed her departure.

Today Jamil “Mal” Clay has an excerpt from a conversation with Joe Biden on his Instagram page entitled “The Lies Are Loud. The truth is silent. Thank you to all supporters for your time and energy over the years. I appreciate you all. Love and blessings. “He then advised his followers to click the link in his bio for access to all of the footage of the conversation.

In the clip, he blamed Joe by saying he was withholding information about how much money the podcast was generating. He claimed Joe did not want to share the accounting information. Joe Budden went live to address these allegations and end rumors that he was planning to sue his former co-hosts. Although it looks like there is tension, Joe said he still has love for Rory and Mal.

The roommates again flooded comments and entered their two cents. Some of them said that if I didn’t mix business with friendship, the problems could possibly be avoided. One commented: “They all hurt one another. Do not mix business and friendship, especially in a pandemic. “Another commented,” Joe doesn’t know how to relate. You don’t seem to be important to him. “

Do you think the friendship between these men will be able to get back on track?

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