Joe Biden did a particularly good job in Afghanistan and deserves to be congratulated [VIDEO]

A large majority of Americans on both sides of the Ganges wanted to leave Afghanistan militarily. A survey carried out this spring showed that almost 70% of those questioned are in favor of an end to the war.

So, for this reason and another, Joe Biden went ahead and did it. And the president has received a setback from conservative news sources, of course, but also from liberal news sources.

However, the tune seems to be changing in recent days as the Biden government is bringing thousands of people out of Afghanistan. During an interview with CNN on Tuesday, Matthew Dowd said that Joe Biden did a great job with the situation and deserves to be congratulated.

Former George W. Bush campaign strategist said to Kate Bolduan: “ayou probably are consciously, I praised it President from the start Beginning via Afghanistan. He was treated terribly Situation and from today he is did a very good job in the situation. There were a lot of people above that The last seven days that said is not possible how he could get it 50,000 people out. No possible way and that was that many people thought it had to exit. He has 70,000 people in that last eight days. “

Former GWB campaign manager Matthew Dowd: Joe Biden has done an extremely good job in Afghanistan and deserves to be congratulated

Dowd continued: “Any Afghan who wants to get out will not be able to get out. That is not the point here. It’s not about getting every Afghans who want to get out, but about getting all Americans and Afghans with special visas out of the country. We can’t set the bar in another place. “

CNN was one of the networks criticizing Biden. It will be interesting to see how they change their coverage in the coming days.


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