Jim Acosta is looking on Fox Information for killing their viewers whereas having a 90% vaccination charge

CNN’s Jim Acosta said Fox News is pursuing its own replacement theory of harming its viewers with vaccine flights given that they have a 90% vaccination rate.


. @ Acosta Calls on Fox for Vaccine Lies while having a 90% vaccination rate: “The Fox tagline used to be for us to report that you decide. Maybe it’s our job, you obey it? Maybe it’s yours now Body, your choice? Your body. Yours and just look at the choices they made. ” pic.twitter.com/ipMiUh7MZ1

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 2, 2021

Jim Acosta said after playing a series of Tucker-Carlson vaccine flights:

These are all lies. The theory that Tucker should really address is Fox Theory of Replacement. Fox replacement theory. There is no way to replace it Americans, those flags on that Mall represent and Tucker, talking to you right now, there is no way to replace the audience whose life you are endangering with your lies. Unfortunately, these lies can catch you the attention of your viewers, however go on. Some of these people, not all of them them, some of them may not be more around to listen to you Lying.


They want to own the libraries. Even if they don’t end up owning it The life. Here is a concept. Don’t own the libraries. Own the living.

It’s October so I thought about exiting this section with this meme from halloween. I did my own research. Memes are funny. But I’d rather end that Image. It’s from the recently renovated one Fox News offices in here Washington, DC Almost all of the people in it Photo see now that is at Fox here in Washington. Wearing masks. Apparently 90% of the companies Employees were vaccinated. Could be even higher now.

The Fox slogan used to be us Report you decide. Maybe it’s our mandate, you fulfill. Maybe it’s your body now, yours Selection. Your body. Your decision. And just look at the selection that they made. I think they don’t want to be replaced.

Fox News keeps America sick

As MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace pointed out, Fox News was only opposed to the vaccine after Joe Biden’s election victory. Spreading vaccine misinformation and discouraging vaccinations is a deliberate strategy used by Fox News to sabotage President Biden by keeping the pandemic going for as long as possible.

Fox has always been part of the toxic media sickness that divided us, but as Jim Acosta noted, its cynical hypocrisy keeps viewers sick and kills people.

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