Jen Psaki says Trump is giving Democrats a lift

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Trump is energizing Democrats for the midterms.


Psaki told MSNBC’s Alex Wagner:

Nothing is more driving and exciting for Democrats than Donald Trump. You love to face him. Independents do not want to see another reign from Trump. And the more he engages in the race, the more he lines up there, the more it reminds people of what’s at stake.

And having Trump on the ballot is a hugely stimulating factor in many of these races. I’ll also say, since he asked me about the midterms, that while I think many Democrats feel better about how they should, there’s still a long way to go here.

Trump is a driver of Democratic turnout. Democrats and anti-Trump independents as well as anti-Trump Republicans love to show up to smack him. It’s true that abortion is driving the rise in Democratic voter registration and turnout, but Republicans have also been harmed by Trump and his legal troubles, which were sucking the life out of the Republican midterm campaign.

Donald Trump also hurt Republicans by interfering in the Republican primary and allowing ineligible candidates to be nominated. Trump is a stimulating factor for Democrats in the midterm elections, and his presence could increase the chances of Democrats retaining Congress.

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