Jayda Cheaves responds to a commenter who requested about her different presents from Lil Child whereas he was promoting her jeep

Earlier this week we reported that Jayda Cheaves sold her Jeep under the whisper that she and Lil ‘baby are no longer together.

Although the photo was posted on the seller’s page in November 2020, it appears one commenter has really invested in what may have happened.

The person on the account wanted to know about the other vehicles and gifts that the rapper Jayda had bought.

In an Instagram post on Jayda’s page, the commenter said: “Ask Jayda, you sold the pink jeep, what about the other car you got from Christmas and what about the jewelry he gave you, to whom you gave it back [?]”

Jayda replied, “Do you think if I sold a car that was petty, I would sell the cheapest if I had two in my garage that are worth more? [Y]”It can’t all be so crazy and please not under my baby post.”

Jayda also stated that she sold the jeep for safety reasons. She read Instagram stories a few days ago and said, “I got rid of my jeep because I had an incident one night while driving it. Nothing more, nothing less. Safety comes first! “

As previously reported, Jayda Cheaves opened on Instagram and hinted at a possible breakup with Lil Baby.

In an IG story and video message, Jayda talked about never being single. Jayda stated, “I’ve been in relationships all my life since high school. I don’t even know how to be single. I have to learn all over again. “

Jayda also posted a video stating, “I swear I’m not like one of the girls who come on the internet with every problem. But I just need you to know about everything sometimes The glitz and glamor, that’s real life. I’ll go through the same thing until you go through it. Even more s ** t [than] you go through All of us humans at the end of the day. We all have problems. “

As you know, this comes a few months after Lil ‘baby allegedly slept with a Las Vegas pornstar.

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