Jayda Cheaves admits that the feedback about Lil Child allegedly dishonest on her with grownup film star Ms. London are beginning to damage her emotions

Jayda Cheaves and Lil Baby

Roommate, social media has still not cooled off after explosive news that Lil Baby allegedly cheated on girlfriend Jayda Cheaves with adult movie star Ms. London. While those on the internet continue to voice their opinions on the situation, Jayda recently admitted that the comments made about her are starting to really hurt their feelings.

Many fans were shocked when, seemingly out of the blue, Ms. London started spilling tea on allegedly sleeping with Lil Baby – who currently has a very public relationship with Jayda Cheaves. Ms. London not only claimed to have slept with Lil Baby, but also provided several receipts to back them up.

Of course, after Jayda posted some of her own comments on the matter, she saw the comments that led her not to be angry enough publicly, likely sticking with Lil Baby despite his alleged cheating, and caring about money more than a love relationship .

Apparently she has reached her limit with unsolicited opinions and posted the following message on Instagram:

“Okay, now you’re going to relax with your girl. My feelings are slowly getting hurt and you will know that I can normally take the jokes, but enough for now. “

At the moment, Ms. London is still exposing Lil Baby as they keep walking back and forth about what allegedly happened or not between them.


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