Jay-Z’s point out of the Kardashians on DMX’s ‘Exodus’ album retains folks speaking!

Jay-Z is one of the many iconic features on DMX’s posthumous album, and with a reputation like Jigga, it’s normal for his bars to spark some debate! A line from his verse about Bath Salts drew a lot of attention to the track that also featured Nas after Jay mentioned one of the most famous families to date – The Kardashians.

At the beginning of the song, Jay refers to the family in a few puns that may have gone over the head for some fans. Regardless, the bar calling an unspecified Kardashian the “queen of the show” has become a viral moment getting people talking on all social media.

“They like me so, every girl I see wants to be that woman,” he began. “I’m the king of Zumunda, the king of summer, come on, be my Kardashian, the queen of the newcomers.”

Fans on Twitter began to slice the line and decipher whether Jay was simply telling the truth or whether he cast a huge shadow over the beginning of some of their careers for the Kardashian clan. Once you’ve heard the song, you’ll find that Jay-Z didn’t specify which sister he was talking about, but some fans have assumed that Kim was the bar’s target.

“I don’t think Jay-Z’s Kardashian lineage was bad,” wrote one fan. “His pun is always over your head because you’re all just interested in it. Kardashians are the queens of the come-ups, see how they started. You make it messy as always! “

On the contrary, some fans didn’t sense Jay’s use of the words “Queen” and “Kardashian” in the same sentence and immediately came to Beyonce’s defense!

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