I’ve tried over 100 mascaras – I fell in love with this one right away

I used the mascara on a morning when I didn’t particularly feel like putting makeup on an entire face. That’s when mascara comes in handy because it can breathe life into your eyes and make it look like you’ve spent a lot more time on your glamor than you actually have.

I was immediately drawn to the versatile brush. The easy-to-hold, dual-bristle brush has a tapered tip that made it easier for me to reach my inner and outer lashes, and features longer bristles on one side and shorter bristles on the other. The longer bristles helped build volume, while the shorter bristles allowed me to curl the lashes from the roots.

The formula? Well, it went smoothly, to say the least. Not a lump in sight. Recommended by dermatologists and ophthalmologists, the formula was extra gentle on my sensitive eyes as it’s packed with peptides and ingredients like sodium hyaluronate and organic pea sprout extract. The mascara feels good and looks good.

With the Liquid Lash Volumizer™ Mascara, it took me just a few swipes to get the fullest, longest lashes I’ve probably ever achieved. In short, I fell in love with the mascara the first time I used it. And it lasted all day at the office, which is a must. Pre-purchase it yourself to unlock the best lashes of your life.

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