It looks like Trump is starting to appreciate he might face felony fees

A recent post on his social media certainly reads like Donald Trump realizing he could face criminal charges.

Trump wrote on Truth Social:

Eric Holder/Obama alumni Special “D.A.” Jack Smith (he’s not Jack Smith) found NOTHING I found wrong or different than other Presidents on “Boxes Hoax” (Raid of Mar-a-Lago) including the fact that Presidents are PROTECTED under the Presidential Records Act, the Clinton Socks case, and more. Now “Smith” is snooping around on the PERFECT PHONE CALL I made at Georgia Sec. of State questions the corrupt results of the presidential election, my absolute right!

Trump’s contribution has a little bit of all the classics. Trump claims he did nothing wrong, the boxes he stole and the secret documents found in his office are a hoax and a wild reinterpretation of the law. The Presidential Records Act does not protect ex-presidents who steal classified information.

The former president should not throw out the Presidential Records Act because “the Presidential Records Act (PRA) changed the legal status of Presidential and Vice Presidential materials. Under the PRA, the official records of the President and his associates are the property of the United States, not the President.”

The Presidential Records Act doesn’t mean what Trump thinks, and mentioning it doesn’t mean what Trump thinks it means.

The ex-president is attacking the special counsel for good reason. It appears Smith is putting together the pieces of the broader Trump plan to overturn the election and the potential crimes that were committed.

Trump is rumored to spend his time worrying about the investigation, and his attack on Smith was the first public sign that a criminal charge is real.

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