Insurgent Wilson reveals the function of bridesmaids she virtually performed

Rebel WilsonThe breakout role with bridesmaids was almost entirely different.

Although the actress started her film career as an eccentric roommate of Kristen WiigShe’s character in the 2011 film (never forget her infected tequila worm tattoo!) shared that the part wasn’t what she originally auditioned for.

“My character shouldn’t exist in the movie. I auditioned Melissa McCarthy‘s character and was second choice for the role, “explained Rebel on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show.” I think they liked my audition and essentially fitted me into the movie so there should never be two roommates, just one. So I sort of fitted into the scenes. “

Rebel’s character wasn’t the only thing bridesmaids switched to fun results. In the original script, her character Brynn’s tattoo was originally supposed to be a “Hip-Hop Garfield”. But unfortunately it shouldn’t be.

“We can’t get the hip-hop rights to Garfield the day they leave,” she recalled. “And I had all these jokes worked out to do that, and then we had to go with the Mexican drinking worm.”

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