Infantile Gambino is sued for allegedly “stealing” the hit tune “This Is”

Roommates, when it comes to music, there are so many ways to get inspiration while trying to create a fire song. Lots of our favorite artists try songs, but there is a fine line when it comes to sampling and stealing. We have heard that artists in the past have been accused of stealing songs and melodies and not getting the proper clearance for samples. However, it looks like Childish Gambino is being sued and accused of allegedly stealing his 2018 GRAMMY award-winning album ‘This Is’ America’ from another rapper.

According to TMZ Kidd Wes, who was born Emelike Nwosuocha, he filed a lawsuit against Childish Gambino claiming he had demolished his song “Made in America”. Kidd put his song on SoundCloud in September 2016 and uploaded the song to YouTube a few months later. He then took the necessary steps to register the song with the US Copyright Office in May 2017 the following year as he prepared for it to be the lead single on his upcoming album.

Legal documents state that Kidd claims the hook on “This Is America” ​​was “unmistakably essentially similar, if not practically identical,” to his song, “Made in America.” Furthermore, he claims that Childish Gambino’s “Flow” is similar to his and refers to important lyrics in the songs. The lyrics on Kidd’s song ‘Made in America’ read, “Flex on the radio, made me a terrorist, pessimistic and damned. You should just appreciate that.” Compared to Childish Gambino’s lyrics: “This is America Guns near me, I have the strap, I have to wear it.”

Kidd isn’t just coming because of Childish Gambino. He is also suing Roc Nation and Young Thug, whose backing vocals are featured on the song.

Roommate, we’ll keep you updated on what’s next.

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