In Riley Keough’s Daisy Jones and The Six Transformation

When it comes to storytelling on the small screen, beauty plays a starring role.

Just ask Daisy Jones and The Six’s Head of Makeup Rebecca Wachtelwho brought Prime Video’s ’70s-inspired rock ‘n’ roll show to life with looks reminiscent of the fictional band’s ups and downs.

“Makeup is a big part,” Rebecca told E! News in the exclusive interview. “It creates the visual.”

For example Daisy Jones (played by Riley Keough) undergoes the biggest transformation of the bunch as fame sucks them in and spits them out again. Using specific eye shadows and complexion products, Rebecca paints a picture of what the rock star is experiencing.

“She’s fresh-faced, she’s been in the sun, this ’70s vibe,” the makeup artist explained. “But then she becomes famous and wears a little more makeup. We’re doing a whole series to show her transition from insanity and drug use. not the Daisy we used to know.”

As Rebecca put it, “You can tell something’s not right.”

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