In Kamala Harris’ groundbreaking historic victory

It was a pretty natural move for someone who’s childhood argued about points: “If you are sitting at the dinner table and want to say something, you better be ready to defend it, no matter how old or young you are. ” She told Elle about the attitude in her home – and learning early on that devoting yourself to the fight for justice was a must.

“I was brought up that it’s not about charity and benevolence,” she explained, “it’s your duty. Nobody will congratulate you on it – it’s what you are supposed to do.”

She missed the presidency, withdrawing her name from the crowded field of nearly 30 Democratic candidates in December 2019, and paving the way for Biden to accept the party’s nomination. However, her progressive plans to improve health care and reform the criminal justice system, about three decades in the civil service, and a willingness to challenge Biden did not go unnoticed.

“He’s decided that I’ll be a partner for him,” Harris recently stated on her Vogue cover profile. She introduces herself as someone who “always speaks the truth, always gives him my opinion based on facts, knowledge and life experience, and does so in a way that enables him, when making a decision, to agree with her to meet.” full information on the effects – and he asked me to do so. “

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